D7 Upgrade – 4/23/11

Very frustrating day. Followed the Upgrade.txt steps, but when finally at step 13, visit upgrade.php, I got the error message: “Drupal 7 requires PHP 5.2.4 or higher with the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension enabled.” Round and round. Checked the host site to make sure php and PDO were there. php -i reported php 5.2.13… Continue reading D7 Upgrade – 4/23/11

D7 Upgrade – 4/22/11

I made slow progress today, mostly because of my unfamiliarity with the tools greengeeks (my web host) gave me. First, I update my live site to bring drupal to 6.20 and zen to 6.x-1.2 which were the only items needing update. Since drupal really wants you to backup before doing a core update, I thought… Continue reading D7 Upgrade – 4/22/11

Upgrade to drupal 7

Drupal 7 came out months ago. I’ve been waiting to see if any issues came up, but I think I’ve waited long enough. Drupal 7 comes with a detailed Upgrade.txt file plus lots of online documentation to supplement it. That said, it looks like there will be a fair amount to consider, so I will… Continue reading Upgrade to drupal 7

New iPad2

I got an iPad2 a couple of weeks ago and have been using it pretty heavily both at home and at work, looking for any limitations. So far, they are pretty few and far between. The iPad is an excellent communicator. Safari is a fine browser, though the lack of flash is something of a… Continue reading New iPad2

Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

I signed last evening up with GreenGeeks web hosting to handle my various websites. Several things pushed me away from self-hosting: My server, tucker, is getting pretty old and will need replacement before long. Verizon had repeatedly disconnected my dsl service from Speakeasy, forcing me to switch to Optimum Online. Optimum did not offer fixed… Continue reading Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Using HoudahGeo to Geocode Lightroom Images

I have a reasonably large collection of images catalogued in Adobe Lightroom (version 2.6 at time of this writing), but only a very few of them geocoded. After some looking around, I found a program called HoudahGeo which indicated it could geocode batches of images by reference to google maps or google earth. Additionally, it… Continue reading Using HoudahGeo to Geocode Lightroom Images

Jamaica Slide Show

Here is a slideshow from our trip to Jamaica in March, 2009. We stayed in a nice house on the Tryall Golf Club about 20 mi. west of Montego Bay. As always, it was beautiful and very enjoyable.

Last “On War” Column

William S. Lind has written the “On War” blog for a number of years. He published what may be his last column, On War #326, Finis this week. Provocative and insightful, his writings tried to make sense out of military strategy as the world’s forces move towar 4th Generation Warfare (4GW). He defines 4GW by… Continue reading Last “On War” Column

Pew Survey Shows 44% of US Respondents Believe China is Largest Economy

Reporting on a recent poll, the Pew Research Center revealed, “44% of the public now says China is the world’s leading economic power.” The overall results indicated a sharp decline in US confidence in its position (see the whole report here). The degree of ignorance this reflects is somewhat staggering. The US’s economy is by… Continue reading Pew Survey Shows 44% of US Respondents Believe China is Largest Economy