Upgrade to drupal 7

Drupal 7 came out months ago. I’ve been waiting to see if any issues came up, but I think I’ve waited long enough.

Drupal 7 comes with a detailed Upgrade.txt file plus lots of online documentation to supplement it. That said, it looks like there will be a fair amount to consider, so I will start with this rather simple blog. After getting my feet wet with this site, I can then start to work through the much more complex site for arboretumfriends.org.

A broad overview of the process includes:
– complete site backup.
– creation of a test site.
– disabling and removal of unused modules and themes.
– updating everything to latest version in 6.
– disabling of all contributed modules.
– switch to garland theme.
– enter maintenance mode.
– make config.php writeable.
– install drupal 7
– run update.php