Aegean Cruise

We were fortunate enough to go on a cruise from Istanbul to Athens last month, stopping at historic sites in Turkey as well as several beautiful Greek locations. The weather was great and we enjoyed the ambience of the ship as well. One of the fascinating things we envountered was the number of friendly cats… Continue reading Aegean Cruise

Visit to Airlie Gardens 4/3/22

The stars aligned for our visit to Airlie Gardens this past Sunday — we got some rain last week, the temperatures rose and the winds died down and the azaleas were splendid. Lots of people came out for a walk around this beautiful park.

Pangur Bán, my cat

While in Dublin recently I visited Trinity College’s library (the Long Room) and saw again the Book of Kells. This manuscript rightly is a major tourist attraction. I am fascinated by both its timeless beauty and its role as an example of the effort by Irish monks in keeping classical culture alive in the face… Continue reading Pangur Bán, my cat