Visit to Airlie Gardens 4/3/22

The stars aligned for our visit to Airlie Gardens this past Sunday — we got some rain last week, the temperatures rose and the winds died down and the azaleas were splendid. Lots of people came out for a walk around this beautiful park.

Free Stock Images

Copyright trolls are hard at work exploring the web and demanding payments for improper use of copyrighted images. Make sure your site is clean by either using your own images or licensed photographs. An alternative is to use royalty-free images. There are several sources of royalty-free images on the web, including these organizations:  – [Pixabay](–… Continue reading Free Stock Images

Focus Stacking in Photoshop, Helicon Focus and ZereneStacker

I began experimenting with a depth-of-field extension technique today called Focus Stacking. Analogous to HDR in some respects, this technique takes a set of images with overlapping zones of sharp focus and combines them into a single image exhibiting crisp focus throughout. Taking Images The first step is to take the set of images. Mount… Continue reading Focus Stacking in Photoshop, Helicon Focus and ZereneStacker

More Film Scanners

Further look at slide / film scanners: Flat Bed One of the big surprises in my current quest for scanners is that flatbeds have jumped up in quality to be serious alternatives in the scanner wars. They can do anywhere from 4 – 12 slides at a time and work with popular scanner control software,… Continue reading More Film Scanners

Slide Scanning

My CanoScan FS4000US has broken down for the second time and I am thinking of scrapping it. Unfortunately new, high-resolution slide scanners are very expensive, so I will first try some of the slide scanning services. Google search for “slide scanning service” yields these (and several thousand more): Fotobridge 250 slides – $89.95 (36… Continue reading Slide Scanning