Slide Scanning

My CanoScan FS4000US has broken down for the second time and I am thinking of scrapping it. Unfortunately new, high-resolution slide scanners are very expensive, so I will first try some of the slide scanning services.

Google search for “slide scanning service” yields these (and several thousand more):

Fotobridge 250 slides – $89.95 (36 cents ea) – 2000dpi
DigMyPics 39 cents 2500 dpi; 49c 3200 dpi;69c 4000 dpi
ScanCafe 29c – 3000 dpi
Doi Camera (NYC) 49c – 1.25 based on quantity and resolution
Slide Scanning Pros 29c 4000dpi
larsen digital 35c – 2000dpi; 39c – 4000dpi

I will read more and post thoughts about them as appripriate.