Photo Gallery, 2019 Version

Gallery by Menalto was my favorite web gallery package for years, but active development and support for it ended over 5 years ago. I kept my instance running for a while, but eventually gave up and archived it. I had lots going on in my life, so put off actively looking for an alternative until recently.

My first try was to using a mediawiki site and their bulk uploader plugin. While there is a lot to like about wikis, I quickly concluded that photo galleries were not their thing. Back to the drawing board.

Searching online identified these three candidates:

  • Coppermine –
  • Piwigo –
  • ZenPhoto –

For no particular reason, I chose Piwigo as my first trial. Downloading and installing it was simple (instructions here: and the mechanics of uploading pictures, tagging them and organizing them into albums was a breeze. Here is my Piwigo photo gallery:

I will update this post as I progress with these three gallery packages.