Aegean Cruise

We were fortunate enough to go on a cruise from Istanbul to Athens last month, stopping at historic sites in Turkey as well as several beautiful Greek locations. The weather was great and we enjoyed the ambience of the ship as well.

One of the fascinating things we envountered was the number of friendly cats living at all the locations. They all appeared well-fed and we were told they are vaccinated regularly too.

Here’s a fisherman’s assistant along the Bosphorus in Istanbul:

230513 07 IMG 0870

And a guard cat at the historic city of Ephesus:

230515 14 IMG 1210
230516 13 IMG 1390

And this fine guy greeted us entering the old city of Rhodes. Perhaps he is a descendant of the Crusaders who built the city?

And these sleepyheads must have had a busy day guarding their shop entrance. Can never trust the tourists!

230516 36 IMG 2599

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