Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

I signed last evening up with GreenGeeks web hosting to handle my various websites.

Several things pushed me away from self-hosting:

  • My server, tucker, is getting pretty old and will need replacement before long.
  • Verizon had repeatedly disconnected my dsl service from Speakeasy, forcing me to switch to Optimum Online. Optimum did not offer fixed ip addresses, so I was using my employer’s web access. This was not a long term solution.
  • I have experienced crashes on tucker several times in the past weeks, again indicating imminent collapse.

I spent some time looking at different web hosting sites and decided on GreenGeeks because of price, recommendations and seemingly very good flexibility. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so I decided to go ahead. Signup and payment was quite easy, though the automatic process hit a glitch requiring a phone call. Not a big deal.

I set up my dns “A” record to point to the server address they gave me, and within minutes the site was alive.

I have several more domains to move, so I will continue to post my progress.