Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

I signed last evening up with GreenGeeks web hosting to handle my various websites. Several things pushed me away from self-hosting: My server, tucker, is getting pretty old and will need replacement before long. Verizon had repeatedly disconnected my dsl service from Speakeasy, forcing me to switch to Optimum Online. Optimum did not offer fixed… Continue reading Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Last “On War” Column

William S. Lind has written the “On War” blog for a number of years. He published what may be his last column, On War #326, Finis this week. Provocative and insightful, his writings tried to make sense out of military strategy as the world’s forces move towar 4th Generation Warfare (4GW). He defines 4GW by… Continue reading Last “On War” Column

Pew Survey Shows 44% of US Respondents Believe China is Largest Economy

Reporting on a recent poll, the Pew Research Center revealed, “44% of the public now says China is the world’s leading economic power.” The overall results indicated a sharp decline in US confidence in its position (see the whole report here). The degree of ignorance this reflects is somewhat staggering. The US’s economy is by… Continue reading Pew Survey Shows 44% of US Respondents Believe China is Largest Economy

US Military “Volunteers” Enter 4GW fray in Salinas

Update! It looks like William Lind’s blog will continue on the Global Guerrillas site. Defense and the National Interest is shutting down its website. Long an outlet for 4th Generation Warfare theory and news, the site will be sorely missed. William Lind has announced that his archives (and blog) will move to the Global Guerrillas… Continue reading US Military “Volunteers” Enter 4GW fray in Salinas


Thelonius Monk – Charlie Parker – the Jazz Countess – Mary Lou Williams – On-Line

Today I brought a new domain up: as a new site using drupal 6. It follows the multi-site approach outlined here: and took a very few moments to add to the existing two sites, and The site will eventually replace the mediawiki site at, but I am not certain whether… Continue reading On-Line