Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

I signed last evening up with GreenGeeks web hosting to handle my various websites. Several things pushed me away from self-hosting: My server, tucker, is getting pretty old and will need replacement before long. Verizon had repeatedly disconnected my dsl service from Speakeasy, forcing me to switch to Optimum Online. Optimum did not offer fixed… Continue reading Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Resizing Images for Slideshows – Mac

In my earlier article, Slideshows in a Digital Age. I talk about the need to resize images down to something that resembles the projectors inherent resolution. The idea is that since a good projector can only handle 1024 x 768 pixels, embedding a picture bigger than that only strains powerpoint and your hard drive —… Continue reading Resizing Images for Slideshows – Mac

Digital Slideshows – 2

The earlier article on digital slideshows focused on some key differences between the old 35mm slideshows and today’s digital presentations, and spent some time on the importance of the resolution of the digital slide projector. Today’s piece looks at the software part. Now that you have your folder full of “right-sized” images, what do you… Continue reading Digital Slideshows – 2