Working with git

Over the past couple of days, I have reviewed several beginner tutorials on git and am now going to try to adapt to a workflow with a drupal 7 site. Because of the complexity of working with the sql database that drupal relies on for content, I will initially concentrate on simple file updates as… Continue reading Working with git

Backing Up MySQL

I have 9 databases in MySQL that need to be backed up, so I wrote a bash script that: Creates folder /backups/SQL_BACK-yymmdd For each of the databases, uses mysqldump to generate a backup file (in the above folder) named dbname-yymmdd.sql. After completing for all the databases, then generates a tar.gz of the folder. The compressed… Continue reading Backing Up MySQL

D7 Upgrade – 4/23/11

Very frustrating day. Followed the Upgrade.txt steps, but when finally at step 13, visit upgrade.php, I got the error message: “Drupal 7 requires PHP 5.2.4 or higher with the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension enabled.” Round and round. Checked the host site to make sure php and PDO were there. php -i reported php 5.2.13… Continue reading D7 Upgrade – 4/23/11

D7 Upgrade – 4/22/11

I made slow progress today, mostly because of my unfamiliarity with the tools greengeeks (my web host) gave me. First, I update my live site to bring drupal to 6.20 and zen to 6.x-1.2 which were the only items needing update. Since drupal really wants you to backup before doing a core update, I thought… Continue reading D7 Upgrade – 4/22/11


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