Free Stock Images

Copyright trolls are hard at work exploring the web and demanding payments for improper use of copyrighted images. Make sure your site is clean by either using your own images or licensed photographs. An alternative is to use royalty-free images. There are several sources of royalty-free images on the web, including these organizations:  – [Pixabay](–… Continue reading Free Stock Images


Using fonts effectively on websites is a real challenge for most web developers. In years past, fonts were a least-common-denominator kind of a consideration, since as a web developer you couldn’t count on users having the particular fonts you wanted to use. So, as often as not, you just went with the generic font categories,… Continue reading Typography

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Display Posts by Category

One of Drupal’s best features was the Views module which enabled robust selection criteria for displaying posts, so this starts my quest for similar functionality in WordPress. A quick google search turned up a number of articles mostly focused on putting a code snippet into my theme’s functions.php file. The function name can then be… Continue reading Display Posts by Category

WordPress 5.8

Installing WordPress This took a little bit of time, but Ubuntu has a nice step-by-step checklist here: All told, it probably took about an hour to get to a working installation. This post editor is quite nice and it’s pretty straight-forward to add an image and align it to the rights of text. The… Continue reading WordPress 5.8

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Installing Python 3 on a Mac

Python is a very popular interpretive language for computers. Interpreted means that programs written in Python are generally not compiled, but rather are converted to machine language a line at a time on the fly, each time they are run. This has the advantage of avoiding the sometimes long and confusing process of compiling an… Continue reading Installing Python 3 on a Mac

Live Browser Updates

Introduction Editing an HTML document frequently involves typing the code in an editor, saving and publishing it to a website and then refreshing your browser to see the latest updates. While really not particularly onerous, doing these steps save-after-save does get tedious. Here is a simpler approach using a JavaScript package called browser-sync that can… Continue reading Live Browser Updates

Working with git

Over the past couple of days, I have reviewed several beginner tutorials on git and am now going to try to adapt to a workflow with a drupal 7 site. Because of the complexity of working with the sql database that drupal relies on for content, I will initially concentrate on simple file updates as… Continue reading Working with git

Emailing backup file

The bash script I wrote worked well, stepping through and backing up the 9 individual databases to a temporary directory, then archiving that directory. Unfortunately, the desired next step of emailing that file turned out to be an issue. The version of mail on the host company’s computer did not handle attachments and building the… Continue reading Emailing backup file