Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico – Part 3

A few weeks ago, William Lind opined on 4th Generation War (4GW) coming to the US in the form of the heavily armed gangs in central California. He questioned our priorities, noting that Iraq and Afganistan may be far less troublesome issues than the developing chaos steming from these gangs (see the below article). Last… Continue reading Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico – Part 3

US Military “Volunteers” Enter 4GW fray in Salinas

Update! It looks like William Lind’s blog will continue on the Global Guerrillas site. Defense and the National Interest is shutting down its website. Long an outlet for 4th Generation Warfare theory and news, the site will be sorely missed. William Lind has announced that his archives (and blog) will move to the Global Guerrillas… Continue reading US Military “Volunteers” Enter 4GW fray in Salinas


Thelonius Monk – Charlie Parker – the Jazz Countess – Mary Lou Williams –


Server / Domain List Server Domain URL   Notes tucker   Acheson home   SSL drupal   SSL phpmyadmin   HGCM drupal   FOFA   gacheson mwiki   RiskEval drupal   Skyline… Continue reading Servers

A safe operating space for humanity

The Spaceship Earth image so popular following the moon missions focused much creative thought on the importance of preserving our living space, with discussions ranging from adequacy of food, preservation activities and Malthusian discussions of population growth vs. resources. Recently, however, the focus has turned to climate change and the impact of fossil fuel usage… Continue reading A safe operating space for humanity On-Line

Today I brought a new domain up: as a new site using drupal 6. It follows the multi-site approach outlined here: and took a very few moments to add to the existing two sites, and The site will eventually replace the mediawiki site at, but I am not certain whether… Continue reading On-Line

Resizing Images for Slideshows – Mac

In my earlier article, Slideshows in a Digital Age. I talk about the need to resize images down to something that resembles the projectors inherent resolution. The idea is that since a good projector can only handle 1024 x 768 pixels, embedding a picture bigger than that only strains powerpoint and your hard drive —… Continue reading Resizing Images for Slideshows – Mac

Digital Slideshows – 2

The earlier article on digital slideshows focused on some key differences between the old 35mm slideshows and today’s digital presentations, and spent some time on the importance of the resolution of the digital slide projector. Today’s piece looks at the software part. Now that you have your folder full of “right-sized” images, what do you… Continue reading Digital Slideshows – 2